The World Petroleum Council's Commitment to Responsibility Cooperation
and Sustainability Demonstrated Through Various Initiatives

Good governance and corporate social responsibility contribute greatly towards regulating the dialogue between the petroleum industry, government, NGOs and the local communities in any operating environment. In each World Petroleum Congress, the World Petroleum Council underpins its commitment to the petroleum and gas industry’s vision for a better future.

World Petroleum Congress Themes Over The Years

  • 18th WPC, Johannesburg, South Africa - ‘’Shaping the Energy Future: Partners in Sustainable Solutions’’
  • 19th WPC, Madrid, Spain - ‘’A World in Transition: Delivering Energy for Sustainable Growth’’
  • 20th WPC, Doha, Qatar - ‘’Energy Solutions for All: Promoting Cooperation, Innovation and Investment’’
  • 21st WPC, Moscow, Russia - ‘’Responsibly Energising a Growing World’’
  • 22nd WPC, Istanbul, Turkey - “Bridges to Our Energy Future”
  • 23rd WPC, Houston, USA - “Innovative Energy Solutions ”

WPC Excellence Awards

The World Petroleum Council awards companies committed to meeting new technical, environmental and social challenges.

The Criteria For The Social Responsibility Award Were:

  • Innovative And Far-Reaching Health, Safety And Environmental Programmes
  • Commitment And Involvement Of Management And Employees
  • Development Of Mutually Beneficial Relations With Communities
  • Feasibility
  • Wide Application And Reproducibility For The Petroleum Industry
  • Proven Or Clearly Demonstrable Long-Term Results

Past Winners Included:

Company Initiative/Project
Nexen Inc. , Canada Building a community of trust in zones of conflict
Statoil ASA, Norway Akassa- a community project based on substantial local participation
Overgas, Bulgaria Corporate Social Responsibility
Chevron Global HIV/AIDS programme
Eni Australia Social Impact Management: Gas Development in a Northern Australian Aboriginal Community
Pro-Natura International, Nigeria Promoting Multiple Stakeholder Partnering for Better Governance, Development and Peace
Woodside Ngala: Nurturing the Pilbara
Exxon Mobil Corporation NightWatch Campaign to Fight Malaria
Hunt Oil Company Hunt Global Partnerships - Promoting Healthy Communities
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd Boond - Rain water harvesting initiative
Woodside Energy Ltd Woodside Science and Technology Collaboration - community education and outreach
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd Smokeless Village Initiative and Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana Implementation

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The World Petroleum Council undertakes initiatives to offset their carbon footprint at its events. These initiatives are achieved by focusing on concerns on the energy utilized, recycling and several other fundamental issues.

Social Responsibility Global Village and Dedicated Sessions

A key component of the Social Responsibility Programs (SRGV) at each World Petroleum Congress is the Social Responsibility ‘’Global Village’’. The SRGV showcases projects and initiatives that highlight contributions of the petroleum industry to human development at the local level.

During these sessions in the Global Village, companies are invited to illustrate the link between social responsibility and human development through their work on CSR related projects.

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