World Petroleum Council: Leaving A Legacy

The intention of organising the renowned World Petroleum Congress is not only to promote a sustainable energy future but to leave a positive effect on the local community of the host country and a long lasting legacy for its environment.

The host country for a World Petroleum Congress gets selected by the WPC Council in a secret electronic ballot vote four years prior to the scheduled event. Each member country receives one vote and can cast it for one of the nominated candidate countries after their year-long campaign. The organisation and logistics for the next Congress then become the responsibility of the Host, with the World Petroleum Council retaining the final approval and the responsibility for the programme content. The WPC carries out its responsibilities via the permanent secretariat and its working committees. One of the principles of organising the World Petroleum Congress is not only to organize a world class event and then move on to the next venue, but to enrich the local host community and to leave an enduring legacy. The surplus of each event is designed to go towards funding the seeds of a country legacy project proposed by the Host and agreed with the WPC and the Council.

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